Laphroaig 15 yo



I never used to like whisky. But, those were the days when whisky equalled Johnnie Walker and whiskey was just the American spelling. However things changed when I had ardbeg with a friend about 3 years back. I must say I immediately developed a taste for single malts, especially Islay malts. Over the years, I have tried many malts and could fairly tell one from the other.

This weekend I decided to find out if I could write like a professional taster, identifying the taste and flavor notes. So I bought a bottle of Laphroaig 15 yo. I had tried their 10yo and 10yo cask strenghts previously and liked them both.

smell – peat (ofcourse), medicinal – tincture/iodine and sulphur.

taste – Initial burst of deceiving sweetness, followed by smoke and spice – overall richer and smoother than the 10yo ones.

To summarize, a highly recommended and pleasing Islay malt. A ‘must have’ in the wine rack.



4 Responses to “Laphroaig 15 yo”

  1. I Says:

    The smoke/barbecue-like flavor is the first thing one notices about the Laprohaig.

  2. Alan Smithee Says:

    That is when you taste it. When you smell it, it is the iodine tincture.

  3. avataram Says:

    Finally, someone who likes a good smoky single malt! Hope you try a 30/40 year Laphroaig too.

    What is your opinion of Laphroaig vs Lagavulin?

  4. Alan Smithee Says:

    If someone else had asked me the question, I’d have easily bullshitted. Unga kitte pesa bayama irukku.. I have had Lagavulin only once, their 16yo, lower end Laphroaig and Ardbegs frequently and so far lagavulin is the best. I hear ardbeg Uigeadail is wonderful, but at $100+ a bottle there has to be an occasion.

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