The Glenlivet 12 yo


the glenlivet gift packingThe Glenlivet 12 yo is apparently the most popular single malt in the world and it is not difficult to see why when you taste it. Every year, during the holiday season, my local liquor store carries boxed gift sets of popular spirits. This year they had a Macallan in a fitting leather bag or in a box with a little ice bucket and a book (presumably detailing the various Macallan offerings) and the Glenlivet 12 yo in a box with two neat looking crystal glasses. My dishwasher had broken one of my whisky glasses and so I went for the Glenlivet.

When I heard the Kardashian sisters on TV say that they liked George Clooney for his intellect, I knew I had to have a drink.

The whisky is absolutely mellow and no single flavour is pronounced making it pretty complex and one has to fight to identify the flavors and tastes. Which is what I think contributes the immense popularity of the whisky.

Tasting notes — flowery and slightly fruity. Oak flavors and a hint of spice, a good balance between sweetness, spice and dryness with a long and warming (minty?) finish.

Overall, something everyone – from the casual malt drinker to the connoisseur could enjoy



4 Responses to “The Glenlivet 12 yo”

  1. Hawkeye Says:

    kalachaara seer azhivu.

  2. Alan Smithee Says:

    ippo enna pannattum.. kallu kudichu tasting notes ezhudhavaa?

  3. Hawkeye Says:

    ethanol kudi! udambukku nallathu.

  4. sadugudu Says:

    nice ones, keep them coming

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