Balvenie 12 yo double wood


The only time I had The Balvenie before was about a year ago at a friend’s place and it was the 17yo, rum cask I believe. I did not like it much then, but I had already had Glenmorangie that evening. I remember it to be the burgundy wood finish, a bottling that had been discontinued. Balvenie 12yo doublewood

But plenty of sewer has flown down the cooum since and I thought I’d give Balvenie another shot. This time I had the 12yo double wood. Apparently, the whisky is matured first in the traditional bourbon casks for about 10 years and then in sherry oak for another 2 years and hence the name. The bourbon is supposed to mellow it down and the sherry add character.

Tasting notes — ripe fruits, banana, spice (cloves?) and woody. Bit of tobacco. Woodiness lingers long. Dry.

Overall, a very beautiful speyside whisky but not absolutely mellow like Glenlivet or boring like Glenfiddich.



2 Responses to “Balvenie 12 yo double wood”

  1. Arun Says:

    Indha kudikaaranga tholla thaangala.

  2. Alan Smithee Says:

    If I were to write about economics and international affairs, it’d be much more thollai.

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