In the sunshine state, large spaces of several hundred acres are taken by amusement parks, roller-coasters, rafting and other activities of excitement. People whose peace is reasonably secure tend to get bored with life and ache for stomach-churning thrills pronounced safe by some government agency and lying capitalists.

Life itself seems to be a joy ride in the southern Florida, at least for visitors and new residents. The temperature is in the eighties even in January, there is no state tax on income and the St.Augustine grass looks nice on lawns. After an intense day at work, one could simply go to a beach or ride the Sheikra at Busch Gardens. Getting hold of free or discount passes is not at all hard**.
There is one downside tof living in the Tamp Bay area. The weather drives one to consume beer rather than whisky, thus making one slightly lower in caste and heavier in weight. But eventually, one has to do what is necessary. Sometimes, one gather enough gall to ignore a furious wife and get some real liquor. Two trips to India in three months demands some cost-cutting and one may decide to buy a cheap blended whisky like Ballentine.

Smell: Peat, smoke, sweet fruit.

Taste: Wood, dried fruits and then peat.

Summary: Smooth, balanced, well-rounded, medium body and has a nice finish. Along with Grants, among my favorite blended whiskies. Ideal if looking to save a few bucks and not willing to compromise too much on taste.

**Flying in/from/to the United States is infinitely more thrilling. Airlines which have stopped serving peanuts to cut operating costs are likely to intentionally overlook the one critical loose bolt, to cut maintenance costs



4 Responses to “Ballentine”

  1. Anu Says:

    Ippo edhukku orre post a rendu blog le yum ezhudhare? Kodumai da saami.

  2. avataram Says:

    Whisky na Ballantine. Zinfandel na Ballentine. Nee Zinfandel ai kudichutu Whisky review ezhudina eppadi? Blended whisky na indha kalathula endha karumathaiyum sekkaranga.

  3. Alan Smithee Says:

    Blended whisky is like Land Rover. An odd combination of rugged engine and suspension and luxurious interior. Most people who drive it won’t feel the difference if you replace the v12 engine with a v6 nor do they go off the road, leave alone the amazon. Even if they did, the suspension will not let them feel the rugged terrain.

  4. l2asriram Says:

    avataram, whisky dhan. adhu koodava neku theriadhu.

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