Food – Wine pairing


The other author of the blog asserts that wine does not go well with Indian food. That is rather stunning given the amazing pairing I have had with Indian food and wine. These days I dont take finger food while I drink and instead enjoy the liquor for what it really is. I then finish off with leftover from lunch, which usually is arachu vitta sambhar sadham or adai-avial on a saturday night.

But, back in the days when the BMR was high, I used to be rather picky about what went with the sarakku. For instance, the Kingfisher lager is a fine beer (second only to the pilsner urquell in my opinion) which goes well with “urulagadda veppudu” from the liberty rooftop in kodambakkam or with “aloo kashmiri” or “aloo malabari” or some such dish from ranjit hotel on nungambakkam high road. Later on in Bangalore, I found out that the La Reserve from Grover vineyards goes well with sheekh kababs from bayleaf restaurant in koramangala. The Glenlivet 12yo goes well with a dish called “draco idli” at the haddows club behind nungambakkam ICICI bank. If you have to have vodka with Indian food, you need to order “poondu kuzhambu” at the raintree in connemara. They serve you that with rice and a certain vadaam that goes well with absolut peppar. Recently, me and my friend, both of us on the brink of stomach ulcer, discovered that the best food to go with a binge drinking session is tamizh style boiled vegetables with a pinch salt and pepper.

As you grow older there is only one thumb rule for selecting a food to go with the wine – it should taste the same when going in and coming out, or atleast be easy on the way out, should you end up hugging the toilet seat.



2 Responses to “Food – Wine pairing”

  1. l2asriram Says:

    The common knowledge is that Indian food because of its strong taste will overwhelm any wine. So, the mutual complement between food and wine is difficult, generally. But that may not be always true and one may get used to the pairing.

  2. Alan Smithee Says:

    The common knowledge is “kudikkara varaikkum dhaan adhu brandy, kakkunaa adhu vaandhi”.

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