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My Day Friday

February 28, 2009

Only one day a week, muttai makes its hallowed appearance along with satthunavu. That day for me is Friday when I can drink. Legally and all, as pronounced by the wife.

It seems to be the flu season. In countries where health care is a protracted process, Thamizh pharmaceutical solutions as cigarettes applied with Amrutanjan (better than Vicks inhaler) and pepper-in-whisky are useful.


Notes:  Smoky with overtones of honey-sweetness and a slight burning finish. Not overwhelmed by pepper.

Summary: At the beginning of the year when the pension plan and employment insurance contributions are higher, Grants is a good choice for the budget-conscious person who accumulated a debt of $3,500 recently. One of my favorite picks along with Ballentine and Glenfiddich.


Bird catching fish

February 28, 2009

Overcome by extreme ennui, I trolled the brown quarters of the blogo-fucking-sphere. Holy shit! Frivolity and questionable judgement are the cornerstones of this blog and we don’t have delusions of intellect. However, the contents of these blogs are so stupid that even I get the itch to fisk. The new fad is to criticize and disown Bobby Jindal. Apparently, that makes a desi objective. To which I can only say Locus Standi. Besides one cannot reason with people who read HuffPo and dailykos for news and watch Olby for opinion. Instead, one can drink Kingfisher lager.

Notes — Crisp, clean and refreshing. Intense with hops. Holds itself with spicy food. Uncomplicated. Light and easy to drink, which is how I like my beer.

Summary — In my opinion, the best export from India. Almost makes up for the bad apples with H and F visas. Almost.

PS – Masochistic readers can visit desipundit, ultrabrown and sepiamutiny.


February 27, 2009

or something like that…


The greatest badasses. Evah.

Padma Lakshmi

February 26, 2009

Can’t figure out why she slurs. She should consider spitting out the kadalai urundais in her mouth before talking. Or go easy on liquor. It is ungainly.

Walker as digestif

February 23, 2009

I have only one standard retort to dinner invites. I buy a decent bottle of merlot and appear at the door on time. But this time, it was tricky. First, I did not know the family personally, my wife did. Then, they were teetotallers with a newborn child. They were also packing their bags and preparing to head to India. My wife warned me beforehand to behave myself, which is wifespeak for “think before you talk”. They had already sold their TV and we had to talk. But I think I managed to squeak by with a tiramisu, a few newborn dresses and lecturing on procedures to obtain US passport and PIO card for their baby. I also bought $20 worth of items from their distress sale.

On the way home, my head was throbbing for a drink. The neighborhood liquor store was closed and so I had to go to the 24 hour convenience store. They had a rather shady collection of spirits and only Johnny Walker 12yo black label appeared drinkable. I have had Johnnie Walker with soda, years before I developed a liking for whisky. Regarded as the pinnacle of blending, it is also cheap, selling at sub-$30 levels.

Notes — Alcohol overpowers other flavors initially. Honey, malted barley and custard. Sweet with vanilla flavors and has a long finish.

Summary — Not for me, I prefer Cutty Sark better.

(with perungayam — I added perungayam to a watered glass of this whisky and it was a bit different. Obviously it smelled of perungayam, but I like the fact that one can play with any whisky by adding spices and flavors to bring it up to one’s taste. This boils down to making cocktails, which lies lower in the pecking order.)

Asatha Povadhu Yaaru

February 23, 2009

Mudila. Even with a handy bottle of Scotch.

Obama in Canada

February 20, 2009

The two-way trade across the Ambassador Bridge between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan roughly equals the total U.S. exports to Japan, in any given year. Canada is the market for one-fifth to a quarter of all U.S. exports, in recent times. The maximum annual trade deficit the U.S. ran with Canada this decade, was about $100 billion. Not bad, considering:

  1. Molson and Labatt are spectacular compared to any American beer.
  2. Canadian ice-wine is the best. Other Canadian wines may not be as good as the European or Chilean ones but are easily better than Californinan wines, at large. (prices, varietals and tastes duly considered)
  3. Crucial commodities like oil and energy are major Canadian exports.
  4. Canada has a population of about 33 million but is a bigger market for American goods than all countries of the European Union combined.

Obama lands in Ottawa and blabs about the pollution of oil-sands in Alberta.  Fucking idiot.

AIG and Tasmac

February 20, 2009

Arun Sundar wants me to write about Tasmac sarakku. Well, I have had singham once, but that was years back. I can’t say much about it, but it delivered a bigger bang for the buck. However, I can narrate the time I lost money speculating on Tasmac. In the late 1990s, my cousin, bucking his orthodox parents, acquired a wine shop license along with a dozen of his business partners. He was a visionary, in that he had a sprawling open space with cabanas and served good food too. Needless to say, he did rocking business. When I started out on my first job, I immediately asked him if I could invest in his venture hoping to buy out a partner. The shares were either prohibitively priced or the partners were unwilling to exit. Then, under amma, the government took over all the shops and promised to return a portion of the wine shop license fee.

In 2005, speculation was rife that muka‘s reelection was imminent and that he would put up wine shop licenses for auction again. Tasmac had not refunded the license fee. Just then, one of the partners in his wine shop decided to exit and was willing to sell his share at face value. I bought it. Muka won, but did not auction the licenses. I emigrated, and at some point got about 75-80% of my investment back.

As they say in Tamil, nalla maatukku oru soodu. Evidently, I am not a nalla maadu. I speculated again on AIG last year. When the market unravelled rather spectacularly, I opened myself a trading account, bought it for under $1.50, saw it go all the way upto $2.50, and smugly decided to hold it in hopes of selling at a higher value. Today, it trades at under $0.60. Good going.

Balvenie 17yo Sherry oak

February 14, 2009
Balvenie 17yo sherry oak

Balvenie 17yo sherry oak

As Friday the 13ths go, this one was a mixed bag. First there was the across-the-board pay cut announced by my employer. Then, the previous post coupled with strategic pimping at ‘lightning strikes everyday’ generated hits in stratospheric numbers per this blog’s standards, reassuring of an alternate career should the pay cut percentage spiral to near 100 levels. The evening was equally bumpy, looked like I am on the express lane to becoming the poochaandi uncle for my friend’s 1 year old toddler. She later warmed up smiling and waving at me, though from the comfort and safety of her dad’s lap. Rounding up the day was the same bottle of Balvenie from this adventure.

The history behind this bottling is that Balvenie introduced a 17yo version that was finished in casks that previously held Islay malts resulting in the “Balvenie 170 Islay cask”. The rum cask version of 17yo is finished in casks that held Jamaican Rums previously and so on. This sherry oak apparently spent all of its maturation time in European oak casks that used to hold Spanish sherry.

Notes — Bit like shiraz. Sweet and unmistakably sherry (of course). Fruit jam. Honey and vanilla at first. Flavors don’t linger long.

Summary — Sought after in some parts of the world, so might become expensive in some time. However, I won’t be buying it for myself.

PS — I had to be in my best behavior last night. So couldn’t try perungayam mixture.

Pink chaddi

February 12, 2009

Everyone in the blogo-fucking-sphere wants you to send pink underwear to express solidarity with pub going women. Being a blog on booze, we are therefore forced to take a stand on this earth shattering issue. After much deliberation, we have decided to support Pramod Muthalik. In defence of pub culture. We don’t want women sipping colored drinks in margarita glasses anywhere near us. While we are on the topic, we also feel compelled to register our dislike for men with striped club pants, spiked and gelled hair, shiny shirts and square fronted boots, also called indhikaarans.

If you decide to protest against us too, we prefer to receive this wine glass. Express shipping please.