Stella Artois and Super Bowl

stella artois

Jessica Alba is supposed to appear in “The Office” after this super bowl game. In keeping with the “blending with the times” it is cold beer and chips and dip in the great lakes area. As “I sir” would put it, the Americans have mastered many things, but beer making isn’t one  of them. The guys at Samuel Adams try their best with their seasonal brews, but I’d prefer they brew something simple and crisp. So here I am with Stella Artois, the breadwinner for InBev from Belgium and watching the all-American sport.

Notes — Pale amber in color. Citrus peels, wheat bread and hops. Hops sit on the palette for a while along with sour citrus. Crisp and vibrant.

Summary — An excellent pilsner, fourth on my list, following Pilsner Urquell, Kingfisher and Carlsberg in that order.



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