Ingenuity in times of crisis


This story is too got to not post, though no alcohol is involved. Amidst layoffs in office, this story cracked us all up when a colleague (who happens to fly a plane to office occassionally) narrated it. The story is too stupid to make up.

Marcus Schrenker did not live in the era of classy hijacking, and does not earn as much of my respect. Partially because he was simply a copy-cat of D.B. Cooper, and partially because his scheme wrecked a really good looking airplane.

On January 11th, 2009 (yes, that’s just a week ago), Marcus Schrenker was flying his personally owned Piper PA-46 airplane from Anderson, Indiana, heading for Destin, Florida. Somewhere over central Alabama, Schrenker made a radio call to the local control center, claiming that his “front window imploded, and he was bleeding profusely.” When the control center responded suggesting a nearby diversion airport, there was no response.

Read the full story here, again this is too good to miss.


4 Responses to “Ingenuity in times of crisis”

  1. I Says:

    Now, I spent an hour of my workday Googling for DB Cooper. Damn you. Very interesting.

  2. Arun Sundar Says:

    It is indeed too good to miss!! I read I’s comment, smiled and googled Dan cooper. About an hour later, realised I did the same ‘I’ did!

  3. Alan Smithee Says:

    What is wrong with the world? Why don’t people watch History Channel and know of Dan Cooper?

  4. I Says:

    because we watch Sun TV and re-runs of some sitcoms only.

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