Pink chaddi


Everyone in the blogo-fucking-sphere wants you to send pink underwear to express solidarity with pub going women. Being a blog on booze, we are therefore forced to take a stand on this earth shattering issue. After much deliberation, we have decided to support Pramod Muthalik. In defence of pub culture. We don’t want women sipping colored drinks in margarita glasses anywhere near us. While we are on the topic, we also feel compelled to register our dislike for men with striped club pants, spiked and gelled hair, shiny shirts and square fronted boots, also called indhikaarans.

If you decide to protest against us too, we prefer to receive this wine glass. Express shipping please.


9 Responses to “Pink chaddi”

  1. Maha Says:

    Amen to that. Also, not just the empty glass, Bourbon filled will do.

  2. Arun Says:

    What are they proving by sending the chaddi once again? I have a hard time following these…

  3. Alan Smithee Says:

    Maha – reminds me of a dialog from mahabarathathil mangaatha. “rendu fullu, oru packet kings – ellam enakkudhaan”.

    Arun – Yeah, yeah. These punks have a premise — “India gave kamasutra to the world” from which they construct arguments for everything from valentine’s day to pre-marital sex to M F Hussain’s paintings. That is the height of intellectual bankruptcy.

  4. Anu Says:

    We should protest against the word ‘chaddi’ in the first place. And then there is ‘Hug Karo aur Pub Bharo Andolan’. All these vadakathi people ruining blogosphere. Nuke ’em all.
    Maha, wine glass la en Bourbon kudikkanum? Kekkardha kekkare, idha kelu.

  5. Maha Says:

    Alan:Actually, the glass itself reminds me of Typist Gopu- where he askes for kaapi in a “chinna glass” and shows the size from navel to neck and going to chin.

    The person who thought up sending the “undrawyer” is as much a twisted sicko as muthalick.

    Anu: Its a question of capacity and occam’s razor – Amazon glass holds 7oz while the wine glass holds about 3.5 sochcham times more. In any case Mr.James B Beam is equally at ease in a goblet, chalice, stein or Dawara with a dash of perungayam.

  6. Alan Smithee Says:

    Anu — Did you read the product description for the wine glass?

    Maha — Does perungayam go well with Scotch & Irish sarakku also?

  7. I Says:

    Like the poem is in where the carraige return is, the taste/mubb is in the mind. Regardless of perungayam, wine glass etc.

  8. I Says:

    Dan Cooper would have surely liked Jim Beam.

  9. Anu Says:

    Maha, I : Don’t agree. Lets say I’m just a snob when it comes to the right glass. You should read this.

    Alan: Yeah yeah.

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