Balvenie 17yo Sherry oak

Balvenie 17yo sherry oak

Balvenie 17yo sherry oak

As Friday the 13ths go, this one was a mixed bag. First there was the across-the-board pay cut announced by my employer. Then, the previous post coupled with strategic pimping at ‘lightning strikes everyday’ generated hits in stratospheric numbers per this blog’s standards, reassuring of an alternate career should the pay cut percentage spiral to near 100 levels. The evening was equally bumpy, looked like I am on the express lane to becoming the poochaandi uncle for my friend’s 1 year old toddler. She later warmed up smiling and waving at me, though from the comfort and safety of her dad’s lap. Rounding up the day was the same bottle of Balvenie from this adventure.

The history behind this bottling is that Balvenie introduced a 17yo version that was finished in casks that previously held Islay malts resulting in the “Balvenie 170 Islay cask”. The rum cask version of 17yo is finished in casks that held Jamaican Rums previously and so on. This sherry oak apparently spent all of its maturation time in European oak casks that used to hold Spanish sherry.

Notes — Bit like shiraz. Sweet and unmistakably sherry (of course). Fruit jam. Honey and vanilla at first. Flavors don’t linger long.

Summary — Sought after in some parts of the world, so might become expensive in some time. However, I won’t be buying it for myself.

PS — I had to be in my best behavior last night. So couldn’t try perungayam mixture.



10 Responses to “Balvenie 17yo Sherry oak”

  1. Maha Says:

    A confession here – the perungayam was actually a fotuitous discovery by me roommate. When 95% of the vessels were in the sink waiting for the other roomate who was inexperienced enough to confess his lack of culinary skills (there is one everywhere – right?), the only avalible container was a dawara that had been used for karachafying LG perungayam for the rasam (or as my roommate and the discoverer of the combo would like to call it – saathamudhu). It went well with Jack on the rocks – try it with other things at your own risk.

  2. Alan Smithee Says:

    Cooking in a gumbal is tricky. It soon descends to ugliness involving “yenga amma/paati adds kadugu and kadalai paruppu for the kari” type debate.

  3. I Says:

    neku one doubt maha. Are you male or female?

  4. Alan Smithee Says:

    That question is too good to not answer “theriyalaye ba”

  5. Maha Says:

    well, my wife and i have one common blog – i understand that may lead to some confusion in the gender-determination game. but if your question goes beyond that and delves deep into whatever is to be delved into – well then i am still seeking the answer-even an answer would do.

  6. I Says:

    That does not really answer my kostin.

  7. Alan Smithee Says:

    Since when did you become accommodative of same-sex marriage?

  8. Arun Says:

    Perhaps, you should write about some good sarakku from Tasmac..

  9. Maha Says:

    I: Does “YES” answer it ?

  10. I Says:

    Alan: No, I did not. Oru general knowledge ku dhan.
    Maha: Actually, YES does not answer it either. But I have decided to assume you are male.

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