Walker as digestif


I have only one standard retort to dinner invites. I buy a decent bottle of merlot and appear at the door on time. But this time, it was tricky. First, I did not know the family personally, my wife did. Then, they were teetotallers with a newborn child. They were also packing their bags and preparing to head to India. My wife warned me beforehand to behave myself, which is wifespeak for “think before you talk”. They had already sold their TV and we had to talk. But I think I managed to squeak by with a tiramisu, a few newborn dresses and lecturing on procedures to obtain US passport and PIO card for their baby. I also bought $20 worth of items from their distress sale.

On the way home, my head was throbbing for a drink. The neighborhood liquor store was closed and so I had to go to the 24 hour convenience store. They had a rather shady collection of spirits and only Johnny Walker 12yo black label appeared drinkable. I have had Johnnie Walker with soda, years before I developed a liking for whisky. Regarded as the pinnacle of blending, it is also cheap, selling at sub-$30 levels.

Notes — Alcohol overpowers other flavors initially. Honey, malted barley and custard. Sweet with vanilla flavors and has a long finish.

Summary — Not for me, I prefer Cutty Sark better.

(with perungayam — I added perungayam to a watered glass of this whisky and it was a bit different. Obviously it smelled of perungayam, but I like the fact that one can play with any whisky by adding spices and flavors to bring it up to one’s taste. This boils down to making cocktails, which lies lower in the pecking order.)



5 Responses to “Walker as digestif”

  1. Arun Says:

    Well, visiting a guest with NO tv and kids might be tough. I think I’d pass!

  2. Alan Smithee Says:

    Arun, are you married?

  3. I Says:

    Yain, kalyanam aana dhan perungayam sarakulla podanuma

  4. Alan Smithee Says:

    kalyanam aana, you can’t choose whom to visit.

  5. avataram Says:

    In TNagar, there is a mallu muttai parotta fellow named Kutty Sark.

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