Bird catching fish


Overcome by extreme ennui, I trolled the brown quarters of the blogo-fucking-sphere. Holy shit! Frivolity and questionable judgement are the cornerstones of this blog and we don’t have delusions of intellect. However, the contents of these blogs are so stupid that even I get the itch to fisk. The new fad is to criticize and disown Bobby Jindal. Apparently, that makes a desi objective. To which I can only say Locus Standi. Besides one cannot reason with people who read HuffPo and dailykos for news and watch Olby for opinion. Instead, one can drink Kingfisher lager.

Notes — Crisp, clean and refreshing. Intense with hops. Holds itself with spicy food. Uncomplicated. Light and easy to drink, which is how I like my beer.

Summary — In my opinion, the best export from India. Almost makes up for the bad apples with H and F visas. Almost.

PS – Masochistic readers can visit desipundit, ultrabrown and sepiamutiny.



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