Yesterday, the wife’s grandmother died and she was a bit sombre. Mine does not seem like dying and that makes me unhappy. I offered to fix the wife a drink from vodka, orange juice and the works so that I could use the excuse to drink. She chose a movie instead.

We managed to be late enough for Watchmen, some superheroes group orgy. These days, doing nothing is not an option. In keeping with the times, we did He’s Just Not That Into You. It is hard to believe people can be so obsessed with  relationships, phone calls, dating and signals. Cynthia Heimel, Sex and the City and now their bastard children. I have had fucking enough of this but not homosexual and feminist screenwriters. I am not even sure if watching this makes me slightly gay but the truth is I will like it better than Watchmen or the iminent Harry Potter movie I have to put up with.

Update – Comments closed for this post. It is only fair that Maha’s “most-insightful-comment-ever-in-this-blog” remains the last word.


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3 Responses to “Gurkha”

  1. Alan Smithee Says:

    Yennamo po. Reality TV with slutty chicks and some blurring here and there is the best pozhudhu pokku. It was the ideal antidote to the gay friends that my wife used to watch.

  2. Sreekrishnan Venkatesan Says:

    Watchmen romba waste !

    Watch this !

  3. Maha Says:

    Given a similar situation, it is not a wise decision to choose “all of the above” (bad movie, cheap alcohol, TV sluts/Coulter/Foxnews and later “the works”). It leads to sleep deprivation nine months later because of the late night diaper changes. If not for the tax breaks due to the new dependent, I might have to be singing this.

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