Pilsner Urquell


The biggest problem with alcohol consumption is that it leads to delusions of intellectual clarity and superiority. Unsurprisingly, I see random groups picketing against outsourcing at major road intersections and people honking in solidarity as they drive by. Wondering if the picketers knew where their sneakers and Levis came from, I was chuckling smugly at the apparent hypocrisy. The usual thought train – “markets-free trade-sore losers” ensued and that was it. Until I had one too many bottles of Pilsner Urquell that night, which led to the realization that anarchy is the most desirable if one has talents that are outlawed by the government. The second most desirable has to be a totalitarian planned economy. But I digress.

Notes — Rich golden color. Bread, earthy grains with a dash of lemon. Bitter finish with hops. Very refreshing.

Summary — My favourite beer. Easy to drink. Ideal for lazing around with a book/computer. Equally wonderful when doing something like painting, cooking or cleaning.



6 Responses to “Pilsner Urquell”

  1. Mambalam Mani Says:

    are u in troy?

  2. Alan Smithee Says:

    Used to be, not anymore. Why does your mail ID bounce?

  3. Mambalam Mani Says:

    ohh adhuva summa dummy email id i just entered long back when visiting some site and comp started filling out the boxes with same id. here is a working ID if u want to mail.

  4. I Says:

    I was made to watch the movie sex and the city with my wife yesterday night.

    You emailing mani reminds me of a scene in the movie. Edho nalla irundha seri.

  5. Alan Smithee Says:

    HBO? Actually I watched it too, but only the last hour or so. What’s the scene you are talking about?

  6. I Says:

    adhan ba, Bing sends email, last-le.

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