Marta Kauffman must be having a wonderful sex life — she fucks my nimmadhi and sandosham every evening. In keeping with the recent fad of not letting a crisis go waste, I have developed three business plans.

1. Buy all seasons of the crappy sitcom, all the trillion episodes, replace laughter track with boos. Or develop a system of embedding video tags and insert a sarcasm tag in all laughter tracks.

2. Build a time machine, go back in time and kill her.

3. File a class action suit and retire with my share of the spoils.


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19 Responses to “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”

  1. Mambalam Mani Says:

    Why this veri? Change channels

  2. Alan Smithee Says:

    Wife won’t let me do that.

  3. Mamatha Says:

    Pfft, get another TV, that should end all your troubles.

  4. sreekrishnan Says:

    Sometimes, Sappa vishyangala Rasikkarthu thappu illa. FRIENDS mela yaen in tha veri?

  5. Hawkeye Says:

    friends is a soap like “santa barbara” with more humor. Not a sitcom

  6. Alan Smithee Says:

    Mamatha, wife will kill me. Right about now, she is angry with me for not pulling any “april fool” prank on her.
    Sreekrishnan, adhu seri.
    Hawkeye, do you have a back story like “I” where you tried JD and failed?.

  7. I Says:

    What is JD?

  8. Alan Smithee Says:

    Juris Doctor, a law degree. Equivalent of the degree B.L. or probably a higher version.

  9. I Says:

    enanamo solre. enakku onnum pirile ba. amaam, epdi unakku idhellam theriyum?

  10. Alan Smithee Says:

    Oh, adhuva, I filled an application which had a question “are you interested in the combined JD program?”.

  11. Arun Says:

    Friends is essentially created for women. No wonder we don’t like it. I’ll invest in your business plan.

  12. I Says:

    Rajkumar kills me with Asatha Povadhu Yaaru.

  13. Alan Smithee Says:

    Heard that Cho is airing “Yenge Brahmanan” in Jaya TV. Anyone seen that?

  14. Hawkeye Says:

    I do. A big fan.

    however, i hate the mega serial aspects of it. if they made it a 13 week episode and had more of Cho insulting others – it would be awesome.

    techsatish’la paarum. unnai madhiri aala asinga asingama thittuvaan.

  15. Alan Smithee Says:

    Link anuppum oi. Googled for it and the players don’t seem to load.

  16. I Says:

    adhu enna ivana maari aalu?

  17. Prasad Says:

    Well, she isn’t watching Gilmore Girls.

  18. sadugudu Says:

    try coupling macchi, british version of friends. you will like it.

  19. amaresh Says:

    agree x 50000 times!

    watch southpark with old monk

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