Given the number of years I have been drinking, I have never had a Chianti before. However, I made up for that this week by having two simple and wonderful Chiantis. First, my wife wanted to go to a rather exclusive San Marinese restaurant that required you to dress in a certain way. The items on the menu had content listing and the method of preparation in place of a name . Like braised sea weeds in scallop sauce. I asked the waiter to suggest a wine to go with our vegetarian order and he brought me a glass of Chianti Placido. It was cheap at about $10 a glass, uncomplicated, bit sour and dry.

The second instance was serendipitous and the wine was much better. Looking to get a pizza delivery phone number, I turned to google local serch. Instead, it directed me to a pizzeria hardly a stone’s throw away. It was a small place centered around the pizza oven. The chefs were showy, tossing the dough up in the air and they had a no-frills wine bar that was well stocked. The wine was served in dull tumblers and the bar tender was cool enough to offer me three different wines to taste before choosing one. I chose Chianti Ruffino. It was fruity, spicy with hints of pepper and dry. Overall, excellent.


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