The site of the Battle of York in the War of 1812 is the city that hosts the most number of Thamizhs outside South Asia. No thanks to another war spanning three decades. When I was living in the Madras of the West, I was regularly warmed by the instant affection Sri Lankan Thamizhs show for Indian Thamizhs. I also get cooled by a beer that is locally brewed and named after a cousin of the Tiger tiger. Cheetah.

Notes: Honey, old grain, malt and corn. Smooth and crisp at some moments, weak and  flat at others. Better than many North American beers, I’d think.


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5 Responses to “Cheetah”

  1. Mambalam Mani Says:

    the place sounds like heaven

  2. Alan Smithee Says:

    Mani, we will not sell your email id to amway agents. You don’t have to provide a new mail id every time you comment here.

  3. Mambalam Mani Says:

    Yappa. Idhelam plan panni panradhu ila. I simply entered random email ID once because I didnt have one for the blog. Only worpress tortures me asking for email ids everytime. So I later created one. When I open wordpress blogs in diff comps, they use the emails I previously used by default.

  4. Alan Smithee Says:

    Illaba, unnecessary overhead. First comment from a mail ID is queued for moderation. Your comments end up in the queue often.

  5. I Says:

    which place sounds like heaven?

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