unsolicited advice


Obama wants to revive the US automakers and lower tailpipe emissions and pollution. Given that a new SUV is less polluting than a battered sedan, I propose

1. Institute a emission-certification program for vehicles that needs renewal along with registration plate renewal every year. Vehicles that fail the emission certification will not be allowed on the road.

2. For owners of vehicles that fail the certification, provide subsidies/tax credits/low/zero interest loans if they choose to buy a GM or Chrysler vehicle.

The process of certification will generate jobs, GM and Chrysler could purge excess inventory and everyone is happy that emissions are lowered.


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2 Responses to “unsolicited advice”

  1. sadugudu Says:

    I think we already have a emission certification program that needs to be done every year while renewing the tab!

  2. Alan Smithee Says:

    I don’t remember doing such a thing. May be it is not federal.

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