The authors of the blog are jointly shocked that the blog has a following to the levels of neyar viruppam.

There are several stories about Corona and the wedge of lime that comes with it.

1. In Third World Mexico, there are a lot of insects and the lime wedge keeps them out. Americans imported Corona along with the lime and mass-marketed it.

2. The lime really complements the beer.

3. Mexican do not drink the Corona with lime and the stupid Americans do not need a reason to do anything.

4. Mexicans don’t drink Corona at all and laugh their ass off at Americans going ga-ga over it.

I do not know which of the above is truest. My dealing with Mexico is limited to the stereotypical story about the hotel room’s broken airconditioner in 105 F and a cancelled air ticket because of the recent outbreak of swine flu.

The other author of this blog thinks Corona is among the most drinkable beers this side of the Atlantic. I do not see how. But then, taste of alcohol is in the mouth of the complulsive drinker.

Notes:  Smells awful. Very flat and weak at most moments.  No taste other than subtle hops.  The lime does not make things better or worse. Goes down smooth and fast, like orange juice. Highly overrated.


2 Responses to “Corona”

  1. Grammar Nazi Says:


  2. Alan Smithee Says:

    I don’t drink corona with lime either. 4 could be the truest because the local supermarket sells a variety beer park named “best of mexico” and corona isn’t there.

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