* There is a moron who is actually named “Shiny”.

* Despite being an actor or something, he is desparate enough to do his poor maid from Bihar.

* A genius reporter asks the public prosecutor handling the case this gem of a question — “What do you think was the motive?”. Perhaps he was bullied by kids in school for having a funny name and he finally decided to vent his frustration. Or may be that’s the way they roll in the naarth.


4 Responses to “Surreal”

  1. Grammar Nazi Says:

    A friend of my friend’s friend did exactly the same thing some time back and got away with that. When asked for the reason, he said “enna dhan foreign sarakku adichalum, local sarakku adikkira sugame thani.”

  2. Alan Smithee Says:

    What do you mean by “got away with that”?

  3. I Says:

    got away with doing his milk maid.

  4. Grammar Nazi Says:

    “got away with that” – There were no repercussions.

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