Microfiction IX


She never thought her past would come back to haunt her. Not that she did not do anything questionable, but because she was confident that she had no regrets. When her skin was tighter around her toned body, she lived a life that appeared straight out of “sex and the city” — fun loving, independent, strong-willed and living life on her own terms. Around the turn of the millennia, when showing the midriff and the underpants were fashionable, she had tattoos. Plus she was really drunk. A Greek Goddess on the lower back, cupids on the love handles and butterflies above the pubes. Now she has to undergo what is usually a minimally invasive surgery. But the doctor said cutting through the tattoos could cause the ink to seep in and result in serious infections. The only option is to go for an expansive incision which will leave a huge scar that would pretty much rule out two-piece swimwear for life. Or live in pain. Fuck.


3 Responses to “Microfiction IX”

  1. Maha Says:

    if not for the independance, atleast that level of sluttiness needs appreciation – even with the tattoos. may be this is what one can
    call the audacity of dope!

  2. Alan Smithee Says:


    Some real slutty tattoos here – http://ugliesttattoos.com/

    Especially this one – http://ugliesttattoos.com/2009/06/21/funny-tattoos-dali-would-be-proud/

  3. Arun Says:

    You sound like a female writer.

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