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Note — The author of this post is an eminent blogger who blogs at Tasmac cutting. This blog is grateful to post his writing. Over to him –


I am India’s eminent blogger and I like to fancy myself as a rational person with a libertarian bent. I’ll tell you it is not easy. I have to browse through all the news websites and find out irrational practices to mock. I then try and think of something sarcarstic to mock the custom, throw in a few wikipedia links to awe my minion readers, thereby bringing up my immense intellect in a casual manner. Today was a lucky day. I found a news item where some Floridans, a little too worried with the upcoming hurrincane season, decided to conduct — heteroexual — marriages between alligators, hoping it would ward off names like Katrina. I figured that the chances of Katrina striking again this year are very slim and the Floridans could be able to claim that the alligator weddings were the cause. I realized I could mock that by extending the logic to claim that my ritualistic downing 4 bottles of moonshine while watching “I am a celebrity…” also to be the cause. I jumped on wikipedia, took a crash course in their logic and fallacy section and peppered the post with links to “Confirmation Bias” and “Post hoc ergo propter hoc”. I felt smug and happy and wished everyday could be this easy. Until a lowbrow blogger decided to mock me. He extended my logic further and reasoned that if I fucked my wife and she delivered a baby and I felt happy on becoming a father, I would be committing the “post hoc ergo propter hoc” fallacy myself. He even had a pithy aphorism to offer – “Motherhood is reality. Fatherhood is belief.” Fuck him. Nobody reads him. I am the one with a ticking sitemeter.



6 Responses to “Guest post”

  1. Arun Says:

    Are there homosexual alligators?

  2. Alan Smithee Says:

    Homosexual penguins irukkumbodhu homosexual alligators irukka koodatha?

  3. Grammar Nazi Says:

    No tribute for MJ?

  4. Alan Smithee Says:

    I began writing a post titled The obligatory “Michael Jackson is dead” post complete with a link to a youtube video where Slash plays “Beat it”. It shaped into a “I eat roasted garlic in balsamic vinegar only in Ibiza” type post. So I abandoned it.

  5. Ritwik Says:

    Awesome! He will have DNA testing though.

  6. Alan Smithee Says:

    I thought modern medicine itself is inductive. Were you the one who once said “there is no deduction, only infinite induction” ?

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