Housewives III


“Whatever happens will be for the worse. Therefore, it is on our interests that as little as possible happens. ”  — A wise drunk man

Time was women with degrees on Aurangzeb and Shakespeare did one of the below:

1. Marry a clerk working for Indian Railways, settle down to: knitting, making cute artifacts with empty Parachute thenga ennai dabba and nylon threads, and other domestic chores. Travel around Mayavaram on husband’s Railway pass, visit extended relatives and kshethradanam to navagraha sthalamsin the erstwhile Thanjavur district, praying for husband’s promotion through officer exams and pay commissions.

2. Go on to become IAS/IRS officers. Somehow, knowledge of Aurangzeb’s shaving habits and Romeo and Juliet is useful for administering government and its revenue.


3. Marry a successful man affluent enough to eat roasted garlic in balsamic vinegar and wash it down with Shiraz. Only because that is what metrosexuals do. Trot the globe, use up terabytes of storage in Flickr with photos of solitary sparrow sitting on an abandoned ship, long shadows and magnified flora.

4. Indignation as a way of life: Talking about feminism, libertarianism, liberalism and lavadaism. Blogging about/talking openly about menstrual cycles is the fashionable indicator of liberated feminism.


3 Responses to “Housewives III”

  1. Anu Says:

    Roasted garlic in balsamic vinegar? Whatever the fuck is that?

    Btw, indha solitary sparrow photo edukkardu.. are we thinking of the same person? (You know who).

  2. Alan Smithee Says:

    Drunk men are invariably wise. This new economy and IT jobs has worsened our lives. One yearns for the old middle class life of living without aspirations and a healthy indifference to life in general.

  3. I Says:

    Anu: Yes, yes. Same wonly.

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