In the generation past, there were two types of families —

Type 1 families work on a system of no/negative feedback. The wife usually cooks palatable food, the husband makes just enough money to make ends meet. The kids are placed 15th in their class of 35 and typically get suggestions to drink the urine of the girl who topped the class. (We will not be going into sexual fetishes thus developed) The policy on familial affections is much like the Bill Clinton’s “Do not Ask, Do not tell” policy on gays in the military. Nothing positive was said or acknowledged explicitly. There is no carrot, just the stick. Ensconced in a cocoon of mediocrity and low expectations, Type 1 works smoothly.

Then, there were Type 2 families which work on a system of explicit and positive feedbacks. The wife has to be complimented for every idli she makes, there are rewards (like bicycle/cricket bat/video games shit) to bribe the kid to do well in school and they all smile happily for photographs. Appreciation is as explicit as legalized gay marriages and becomes an entitlement, even if the kid pursues her dreams in music, biological evolution, literature and history, and eventual under-employment/unemployment. These kids really believe they are special and precious and grow up to be a pain in the ass for everyone else.

By Providence or otherwise, at least one half of present-day couples consists of Type 2 people. The Type 1 spouse tries to enforce Type 1 protocols but duly exasperated, indifferent and generally wary of confrontation, gels into Type 2 protocols. Therefore, the only products in supply are special and precious people for generations to come. Savor the people who admit they are a nobody while they last. The future is bleak.

Screenplay by I.


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4 Responses to “Bleak”

  1. Grammar Nazi Says:

    “These kids really believe they are special and precious and grow up to be a pain in the ass for everyone else.”

    Not to forget the fact that they develop a special taste for the ‘nuances’ of life and start appreciating crap like this.

  2. Alan Smithee Says:

    Actually, I’d like to delude myself to thinking that he read the two guest posts…

    But I would contend that we’re all self-deluded in different ways—most of our delusions stay private, so lucky us.

  3. Zero Says:

    LOL! If I read this right, I’m a Type 1 member of this blog, and the general rising Type 2 tendency of you guys is spilling over here, yes?

    But seriously, I vow to contribute to the “family” the next time I cross swords with an empty glass.

  4. Alan Smithee Says:

    We all are type 1 at peace with our mediocrity. I took the liberty to include you in the fold. Unna ezhudha vekkaradhukku enna ellam panna vendirukku…

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