The best sign board ever


best photo


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6 Responses to “The best sign board ever”

  1. Maha Says:

    Nothing like a serving of bourbon before a bhajanai of radha kalyanam or a katha kaalakshepam of mary kalyanam / jesusambhavam as the case may be.

  2. sreekrishnanv Says:

    Ithula varavangalukku Quarterum Kozhibiryaniyum tharuvangala?

    Btw: Is this real? the pic looks ‘photoshopped’ !

  3. Alan Smithee Says:

    I don’t know if it is real, but a friend who studied in a christian school says that they refer to the priest as Iyer. As in “Iyer jeba kootathukku late aa vandaar”.

  4. froginthewell Says:

    Any idea which city this is from?

  5. avataram Says:

    Paavigale! Yagnopaveedhathai malayaga pottu kollungal!

  6. Alan Smithee Says:

    karagoshangalai yezhuppungal…

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