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Samuel Adams Boston Lager

August 5, 2009

I have had Samuel Adams twice before. The first time was about three years ago and I don’t remember what brew it was. It was horrible and tasted like chocoloates and vanilla and very unlike beer. A year later, when a bunch of us classmates met to spend the weekend going to strip clubs and casinos, a committed spoilsport changed our plans and took us to hooters instead. As if that were not enough, he ordered a pitcher of Samuel Adams winter lager. It was equally horrible and flat. I took my chances this weekend and ordered a Boston lager on tap at the local pub.

Notes — Nothing extraordinary and hence not unpalatable either. Hops and malt. Easy to drink, crisp. A decent failsafe option.


Guinness Draught

May 31, 2009

A perfect Friday — lazy lunch paid for by the employer with the rest of the afternoon off. We went to the nearby P. F. Chang’s and not wanting to expirement with the Japanese and Chinese beers, I stuck to Guinness. And I regret. The beer they served wasn’t optimally cold, so I wonder if that has anything to do with the taste. The waiter tilted the bottle upside down and poured it from a height, but the famed froth was nowhere to be seen. It stayed kind of like the one in the picture.

Notes — Flat and thin with hints of herbs, much like kashayam. Not very bitter.

The last time I had one, I remember it to be rich and chocolatey with hints of vanilla and very bitter to taste. That was also from a bottle with nitro widget or rocket or whatever they call it.