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Obama in Canada

February 20, 2009

The two-way trade across the Ambassador Bridge between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan roughly equals the total U.S. exports to Japan, in any given year. Canada is the market for one-fifth to a quarter of all U.S. exports, in recent times. The maximum annual trade deficit the U.S. ran with Canada this decade, was about $100 billion. Not bad, considering:

  1. Molson and Labatt are spectacular compared to any American beer.
  2. Canadian ice-wine is the best. Other Canadian wines may not be as good as the European or Chilean ones but are easily better than Californinan wines, at large. (prices, varietals and tastes duly considered)
  3. Crucial commodities like oil and energy are major Canadian exports.
  4. Canada has a population of about 33 million but is a bigger market for American goods than all countries of the European Union combined.

Obama lands in Ottawa and blabs about the pollution of oil-sands in Alberta.  Fucking idiot.