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Noun class

September 26, 2009

Many years ago, in an attempt to add a bullet point to his otherwise thin resume, Mannangatti took up classes at Alliance Fraincaise. Meandering through the noun classes, he asked the teacher (who by the way was a hot chick working as a receptionist in BNP Paribas or AxA or some such hideous company) what he thought was a brilliant question — “who decides the gender of nouns in French?” He was promptly asked to shut up. He couldn’t understand — what if Tamizh Nadu seceded from India? Will it be masculine or feminine? Or what if someone invented a new type of boob implant? Later, he found that it is quite fashionable in the cocktail circuits to extol anything French, from idyllic and romantic cities to the supposedly superior cuisine. For reasons beyond his grasp, anything French was considered effeminate which kind of appealed to the feminists. By extension, most other cultures, like the Tamizh culture, with their “gendered upbringing” represented the draconian patriarchy which they came to detest. Whatever.